Harvest Time

Traditionally Autumn is the time for collecting in the harvest and giving thanks. This is fine when things have gone well - the saying goes; “you reap what you sow”, but sometimes there can be bad weather and the crops are ruined. The same is true in our lives; there are times when despite putting in a lot of work, our efforts do not seem rewarded accordingly. It might be in trying to get ahead in your career but being overlooked or perhaps in trying to make your relationship work but your partner is disengaged. This can be incredibly disheartening and feel like a real waste of time. It can be easy to give up hope and not know when to continue investment or when to divert your attention elsewhere.


The Season of Change

Autumn is symbolic of change. We feel the temperature dropping and we see the beauty of the leaves turning orange. This reminds us that nothing is permanent and that we must let things go. We may feel sad to say goodbye to Summer (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but Autumn has its own charms and with the right sense of perspective and a positive attitude we can find wonder and joy.

We can often feel reluctant to make changes because we get comfortable in a situation where we feel safe but sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in a rut and stagnating. Making a change can be scary and it is natural to have worries when doing something new but many changes are also very exciting; for example moving house or entering retirement. Counselling can let you talk through your anxiety to give you confidence in the way forward.

There are also times in life when changes are forced upon us and we might initially feel resistant or hostile to accepting them; for example losing your job or your partner leaving you. The future can look bleak at first but with the right perspective and a positive attitude we can forge ahead with a good frame of mind.