Affordable Counselling

Counselling and therapy can be highly beneficial for many but is not always easily accessible. If you go to your GP you may find yourself stuck in a long waiting list, suffering without support when you need it most. Alternatively, private practice is often expensive, particularly for long-term care. 

Initial Assessment Consultation  £40
Subsequent Counselling Sessions  £30


I feel strongly that well-being should be available to everyone so I offer affordable counselling. This allows you to continue therapy for a longer period; to really get to the core of the issue, give time to explore things thoroughly or just for a regular emotional check-up.

Please pay by bank transfer at least one day in advance of your appointment so that I know to expect you and so that I can plan my day ahead. Please give 24 hours notice to rearrange or cancel a session. Less than 24 hours notice and the session is still chargeable.

You also have the option to buy a six session pass for the price of five.