Bereavement and Loss

November is the month we remember the departed; with All Souls Day (2nd) to commemorate our relatives who have passed and Armistice Day (11th) when our thoughts turn to those who sacrificed their lives in the various wars that have occurred.

Most of us have lost a loved one and know how devastating and life-changing it can be. Grief can take you through anger and sadness and back again. The process can be exhausting and the emotional rollercoaster can leave you psychologically drained. Counselling can be helpful for people in mourning as it provides a private place to cry, a listening ear and a safe space to sit with your feelings. There is no rush to get through it and no need to put on a brave face.


Anticipatory Grief

When we are presented with an impending bereavement, we can suffer anticipatory grief. This is common when someone has a terminal illness and family members must make preparations for the imminent loss whilst the person is still with us. This can be extremely challenging as we are forced to think about death and dying despite our loved one still being alive and with us. You may be a carer or visiting someone in hospital around your day job, trying to carry on your normal routine and dealing with this deeply poignant period. Maybe you could benefit from some time out to talk about what you are going through and how you are coping with everything.