For many of us, January is traditionally a time to make plans for the months ahead, assess our current situation, set future targets and most importantly make 2019 a successful year!

  • Is your new year resolution to give up something detrimental to your health or lifestyle, such as giving up alcohol?

  • Alternatively, you may have decided to take up something enriching for example, taking up a new sport?

  • Are you working towards a number of shorter term goals such as target weights for a diet requiring sustained dedication?

  • Is it finally time to make that big decision that you have been procrastinating about, possibly the decision to leave a toxic relationship?

Therapy can help by examining past experiences and hopefully learning from previous mistakes. It can empower you to persevere with your goals so that you become equipped with the skills, confidence and motivation to achieve your long-term dreams.

If you would like to find out how therapy can help you to make a fresh start for the new year, please get in touch.