Please do not be worried. The counselling room is a safe place where confidentiality and trust are paramount. Over time we will explore your thoughts and feelings together, perhaps working towards understanding a difficult situation or perhaps making a positive change to move forwards. You can lead our time together to get the most out of it for you. Some people like to come to the session with an issue or something that happened that week. Other people prefer to see where the conversation takes them. I will be flexible or directive, as you like.

Initial Assessment Consultation

The first time we meet is an introduction to see how counselling can help you as well as a chance for me to get to know you and your situation. I will tell you a bit about myself and go through how counselling works. Then I will ask you some questions about your general health, lifestyle, history and the issue that is troubling you. You do not have to say anything that you are not comfortable with but of course it is better if you are open and honest. Then we will chat about how we can go forward and what you would like to achieve through therapy.

Individuals Counselling Sessions

After the initial assessment consultation we can look at what is troubling you in depth. Sessions are typically 50 minutes to one hour each, once a week and at the same day and time to provide consistency.  Please pay for each session at least one day in advance by bank transfer so that I know to expect you. I believe that counselling should not be prohibitively expensive and therefore offer a free session for clients who have attended five sessions after assessment.

Couples Counselling Sessions

If you are having relationship difficulties and would like a neutral third party to act as mediator or to help you work through your differences to rekindle your romance, couples counselling could be the ideal solution.

Focused "together talking" sessions allow you both the chance to express your feelings in a safe environment. I will work with both of you, always remaining neutral and non-judgemental. Therapy will help you better understand your partner's needs while also permitting your own voice to be heard.

Many providers charge extra for couples counselling even though the session is the same length of time as it is for a single client. I offer couples sessions for the same price.

Online Sessions

If you are too shy for face-to-face counselling or will find it difficult to come to the therapy cabin due to the pressures of  work, time restrictions etc. I can offer the convenience of telephone or Skype sessions.

Flexible to suit you

  • For a longer appointment you can book a double time intensive session and have a full two hours to explore your thoughts and feelings.

  • You don't have to have a fixed day or time, you can come as and when it fits your timetable so working shift patterns is not a problem.

  • If once a week is not enough because a lot is going on for you right now; you could come twice in a matter of days.

  • Prefer to come fortnightly, that's fine too.

Adults Only Please

Please note that I am not a qualified Child Counsellor and although I have some experence working in schools I do not have the equipment for creative therapy. If you are looking for a counsellor for your teenager, I would recommend finding a specialist who will have games, sand, figures etc designed for working with young people who may find it difficult to talk.