New Academic Year - New Challenges

Starting a new year of study presents many challenges; books to read, essays to write, lots to learn!

There may be other worries too;
- living away from home and your family for the first time
- not knowing anyone, feeling lonely and trying to make new friends
- managing money on a tight budget

Counselling can help you find the strength and courage within yourself that helps you reassess your negative perception and make the most of your opportunities.


Just Finished Studying - What next?

Perhaps you have just finished college or university and wondering what to do with your life?
- Are you heading down a career path that you are unsure about?
- Are you overwhelmed with decisions and afraid to make the wrong choice?
- Are you struggling to find a job?

Counselling can help you analyse your situation and work out the best way forward so that you feel comfortable and confident in your next step.