Life can sometimes be upsetting, confusing or disappointing, leaving you feeling distressed, angry or overwhelmed. It is not always easy to share with others especially if there is a fear of being judged or looking vulnerable. Counselling can offer a refuge to express your innermost worries. 

My psychological training is Integrative Counselling for Adults; I draw techniques from various theories so that each client receives an individual approach.

We often focus on our physical bodies and can sometimes forget that our mental health is not only equally as important but also inextricably linked. I believe in holistic therapy; that the body and mind work together and therefore, it can be useful to look at factors such as physical pain, difficulties sleeping or diet. 

Depending on the issue, you may benefit from looking back at events from childhood and relationships with key figures as this can influence your personality and create behaviour patterns. Working together we can face issues that are casing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable. You will have the space and time to talk and explore difficult feelings to empower you to discover insights which will help you facilitate positive changes.


Hello I’m Jess


My name is Jess Woods. I set up WOODS COUNSELLING in 2015 and see private individuals and people from Employment Assistance Programs.

I have previously worked for organisations including: The Samaritans, Mentis TreeMind, The YMCA, Sawtry Academy and Arbury Primary School with Blue Smile.
I look forward to working with you…

I am a Senior Accredited Registrant Member of the National Counselling Society

Accredited Voluntary Register