Is your partner right for you?

We all long for love but it can be difficult to find. Perhaps you are with someone that you are having doubts about and you are not sure whether to continue with the relationship or not. Working on your self can help you feel comfortable being your own person and setting out exactly what it is you are looking for in that special someone.

Rekindle the romance?

Have you become distanced or uninterested in your partner? Are you staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons? Maybe because children are involved or financial ties. Perhaps it is your partner that has checked out and you want to bring them back on board? Counselling can help you find the positives in your situation and teach you how to reignite the connection that you had with your partner.

Splitting up?

If you have decided it is best to go your separate ways you may be going through a lot of stress and grief. It is difficult coming to terms with the loss of your relationship and then getting to the point of feeling comfortable with the new life that you have ahead of you.

Single and lonely?

Maybe you are on your own and hating it, wishing that you had a partner and not sure why your friends are all in relationships but you are not. Perhaps you are tired of the dating scene and do not know where you are going wrong? Evaluating your expectations and your boundaries can help you find someone suitable.